Voicemail Function for VPK/MPK



We are attempting to use the Voicemail function for the VPKs on a GXP2170. We would like to get the Voicemail button to monitor the voicemail of another extension, or a general use voicemail. We tried putting different voicemail access codes in the Value field when setting the Voicemail VPK, so that it can do this, but no matter what we enter, when the VPK is pressed, it only dials the Voicemail Access Number set in the General Settings. We are using Asterisk in our cloud server, and have a phone extension that are subscribing to multiple voicemail boxes. We also have turned on the MWI Indicator subscription for each phone. We are running the latest firmware.


We have three different people that answer the phones, yet have their own extension number and associated voicemail. Since they share double duty workloads, they still need a voice mailbox specific to their own use. In order to allow for them to also monitor the general mailbox, we have done the following.

Though not the most graceful, plus it takes up two vpk’s on their respective phones (2170’s,) we setup two adjacent vpk keys, top one set to Voicemail with the “general mailbox number,” this reveals any new vm’s by showing red and illuminating the red led. The 2nd key is set to speed dial, “*98vm#,password.” Once any one person listens to any new voicemails, the light turns off for all users.

Maybe considered to be a security risk, though currently there is no outside vm access

The shared voicemail account just wasn’t an option as the overlap among our persons answering the phone isn’t always consistent. Since the vm light would remain on for all three users, even after someone listened to it, an additional layer of reconciliation would have been required to determine if or by whom was the voicemail addressed. Our current method is to answer it as soon as possible, the responsibility lying with the person who originally listened to it


The voicemail function monitors the parameter entered, but like others, it only calls the voicemail access number when pressed. Ideally, it would be nice if it could call the entered parameter of the monitored voicemail box to check the illuminated box. This would align with other phones we’ve provided previously.


We have this working, but its not an ideal situation.

First “group voicemail” was supposed to be working a few years ago (I had tickets open for it, was confirmed working then told it doesn’t work ).

There is NO group voicemail (there is supposed to be but there isn’t), when we did was create an extension, set any groups to go to this extension voicemail directly (such as ring groups).

The way to monitor that is to assign this extension to the phone then use the voicemail monitor button, its not a nice solution, but all other PBX manufactures have group voicemail and that works, Grandstream doesn’t… There group voicemail COPIES the voicemail to ALL local extension, this is not how group voicemail should work. ive made this very clear in a number of tickets.


No solution - Just posting to say that we’re running into the same issues. Appreciate the suggestions & workarounds, but this would be nice to get this fixed.

Also, the “Voicemail” VPK option description and value seem to be reversed in the display. The description doesn’t display, and it shows the value which is pretty confusing for the users…


Have a new issue, an extension (you used for a dummy voicemail box) can only have 10 extensions assigned to it, so thats a new issue!

I am going to revisit this as i have a client who needs this and it was working in freePBX, Grandstream alsmost have it working, the VoiceMail section, this can be created and have NO extensions added, but there is no way to monitor this extension box as a voicemail with out an account, and you cant add it as an account either.

It does however receive voicemails when called (as expected) so really whats missing is the ability to subscribe to receive voicemail alerts from it and to collect those voicemails.

Ive opened another ticket, this is the 3rd one, the first was from 3 years ago

Ticket numbers that all relate to the same issue:


Update, have a response from Grandstream saying there might be something in firmware 1.0.19.x to look at.


The particular UCM that I’m using at this particular site is a 61xx model, so it will never get to see v 1.0.19.x lol …

We have newer UCMs at other locations though that I will try it with when released…