Voicemail cuts off after 7 minutes


Just upgraded the fireware tonight and retested, same issue.

RTP Keep alive is set to 5
RTP Hold time set to 400
RTP Timeout set to 390

All are settings GS recommended to me a long time ago so, they might not be relevant any longer.

Max Message Time is set to 15 minutes.

Before I start sending package captures, is there something simple I’ve overlooked?


Which side end call ?
End what reason you see ?


Hello Marcin,

Turns out there is something else going on. I decided to test by calling the system I’m trouble shooting from my cell phone rather than my system. VM stayed on for 15 minutes no problem.

I then called my system from my cell phone and placed myself on hold and the call dropped after 6:45 (about 7 minutes).

When I called my system and placed myself on hold, I used the hard key (per phone hold) and not a call park. If there a per phone hold timeout somewhere?


Hold is related to setting you posted (TOS).
You can turn it off by removing limit (or 0) :slight_smile:

“RTP Hold time set to 400”
400/60s = 6:40s around :slight_smile:


Grandstream recommended to me to blank out RTP Hold time and RTP timeout. and have not had an issue.


the same thing I thought

my settings:
RTP Keep alive is set to 15
RTP Hold time set to 180
RTP Timeout set to 90


@costwisewpg, are we good to close this out or are you still having issues?