Voice that the this call will be recorded


I have a question is there a way that when dialing an external number before I can speak with the other side that he can hear a custom voice, for example, this call will be recorded?

on in outgoing calls.




Not that I am aware of and likely due to the fact that the scenario assumes that the 1st destination be it a receptionist, IVR, ring group with announcement or call queue that answers the call will hear the recorded announcement, but would not be the person where the recording and announcement would be applicable.


Yes, the scenario is an outgoing call I need to notify the receipt with a custom massage before hearing me.
I could not find an option for that in the settings.


Not possible.
It is possible only with incoming calls.

Few stupid scenario:

  1. forward call to IVR and set that IVR call you back.
  2. forward call to RG (which you part, count time and answer (you need know how long it take to hear record).


I was looking into that as well, but it is not possible.

I decided that my girls tell all outgoing calls that this call is recorded for quality assurance purposes.


If recorded then there is function for this, not sure if this work outside.
record prompt or something like that (no access to pbx now).