Voice prompt customization


Was anybody successful to modifies a voice prompt from the default package?
This is the document which describe how to do it and I followed it.


What I was trying to do was to use a different prompt for “vm-login” which is “Comedian Mail. Mailbox?”
I was able to create a new “vm-login” prompt,“Please enter your mailbox number”, with the correct audio format and package it into a en_mod_prompt.zip file.( I tried in wav and GSM format)
I am able to upload it and the new prompt package shows up. Saved and applied.
Problem 1: The new prompt is not played as it should and the original one is played.
Problem 2: If I reboot the UCM the new prompt package is not on the list anymore.

I tried with and with the same result.


This mean that package is not correct.
Try recording in GSM format, package must stay after restart/relogin.


As I stated, I tried with both types, wav and gsm. The files are the correct format.
I started with two asterisk wav files and I spliced and edit them to obtain the desire prompt.
The new file was already in wav 8Khz format but I pass it through the recommended converter and got a new wav and also a gsm file. I created two different packages and loaded one at a time.The package disappear only on reboot, not on relogin. Before reboot the original prompt is played.


I just helped last week make 2 voice prompt change.
On first case it is file or prompt problem. Really no idea which but it was same problem as you have.

I remember that txt file can be problem. Even if it is ok on first glance it was not ok and exactly same that i got from GS work. Try this one
info.zip (165 Bytes)


I used your info.txt and still the same problem.
Can you send me the entire zip file you uploaded and worked?


Hi had the same problem but only at the ivr messages. The solution was to upload it to mp3 format. The ucm auto convert the mp3 to wav file.

P.s When I was tried to upload it to wav format the message didn’t worked.
P.s I don’t know if this can help with the default messages the ucm have

Hope I help


I have done an Australian file using Asterisk default sounds - it isn’t complete, but will give you the correct method to use for a language upload.



Just found that the AU language pack has more current sounds from Asterisk sounds so I have just updated the pack to reflect the Australian Language.

I also noted that the NZ language pack is there so if any Kiwi’s need a hand let me know.