Voice mail options


Two questions

  1. With an analog phone is there a way to have the phone ring every so often if there is a voicemail?

  2. I want the person to be able to listen to their voicemail without having to login. However I do not want them to have the ability to change the greeting. Is this possible?

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#1 - No. While I have not tried it, I suspect the MWI is an FSK signaling so the phone needs to have callerID display or a MWI that is not neon.

2. If they call from the extension to their own VM, you can disable the need for the PIN code and this will avert the need for the PIN entry. If they should try and check their VM from a different extension, it will require the PIN. I do not think there is a way to disable the user’s ability from being able to modify their own PIN at present.


Thanks for the info the phones I am testing do not even have a caller. Ill look around for one to try and test.

Regarding #2 I dont want them to be able to change there greeting but be able to check voicemail.

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I do not think control of the greeting is possible either.


Thanks again. I was able to get the MWI to work with a analog caller ID. Like you said I had to select FSK for WMI type and under SIP settings basic setting set Subscribe for MWI to yes.