Voice delay/lag during Skype for business meetings


Dear support team,

I have issues with our new GAC2500 conferencing phone and the Android Skype for business application.

I downloaded the latest version of the Skype for business application from the Google play store and also updated the GAC2500 firmware to the more recent version.

We noticed a delay or lag (between 2 and 5 seconds) during Skype for business meetings, this lag or delay is so important that attending a meeting is quite impossible for any participant: basically people in the meeting room are almost talking at the same time as users connected to the Skype meeting.

The phone is connected directly to a 24 ports gigabit switch, we are not using Wifi at all.

I tried changing the audio options without any luck, could you help me solve this issue?

Antoine Nowak.


Hi think you may want to check

  1. latency
  2. jitter although this with casue a more kind of grablled voice
  3. are you using fiber , LTE , ADSL .
  4. is it a converged network voice and data
  5. if converged do you have any type of QOS
  6. are you using any vlan trunking if so do you have layer 2 qos set up 802.1q

This is a not so much a problem with hardware but more a problem of network congestion
Sorry unbale to proivde you with any kind of direct solution but by checking the above you may be able to improve your issue.



Thanks for your reply!

I will check this and let you know.

We have a new fiber connection and for now only the GAC2500 has been connected to our new switch (Microtik CSS326-24G-2S+RM), it is a converged network voice and data.

Our previous fiber connection is still up so I will test as well with the phone, we are using Cisco switches with this particular one.

Nothing has been configured regarding QOS with this switch yet.

For your information I just download the MS Teams app on the phone and made some tests, we also have the same voice delays as with Skype for business.

I also tested our regular VoIP system and no voice delay so far.

I will check with our network provider what can be done regarding jitter.