Voice Announce Intercom Call


Have GXP2160( handsets connected to UCM6308A ( Trying to set up VA intercom (as all digital systems have offered since the late 80’s). Have BLF’s set on the side panel. I don’t want incoming CO’s to auto answer, only extension to extension intercom calls. I’m not seeing the path forward. Looking for guidance. Thank you.


you should first update both the UCM FW and the GXP2160 FW


you’re talking about the same feature as norstar voice call? try *81 then the extension number. phone needs the feature activated tho. I’d use zero config to do that.


Set Up a BLF key labelled as Intercom. Set it to Dial DTMF with a setting of *81.

User then presses the Intercom key plus the DSS key for an intercom call.


Thank you all for the response. I wasn’t able to get the *81 to function, all the call did was ring the extension. In reviewing the GXP21XX admin guide. I set, “Account>Call Settings>Auto Answer=YES” and “Account>Call Settings>Auto Answer Numbers=2xxx” (extension range) along with “Account>Intercom Settings>
Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info/Alert-Info=YES” and finally “Account>Intercom Settings> Play warning tone for Auto Answer Intercom=YES”.
This allowed pushing the blf on the side bar to create a VA intercom call. The drawback is that the BLF cannot be used to xfer to VM nor does it flash with an incoming CO./ ICM call.
Thanks again for your help.