VMS integrations?


I’m curious if the GDS3710 can be integrated in popular commercial VMS solutions liike Milestone, Exacq, etc? I see ONVIF Profile S compliant. But I’m also wondering would you get full bi-directional audio and video support? How about door unlock via the VMS? For instance Axis door stations will provide this in popular VMS.



GDS3710 can be streamed to a server - I can even do that over the network with VLC - or via GSurf_Pro can use the stream and receive audio as @GS_Guy states.

I’m unsure about Milestone though, I just know that if it is possible to stream rtsp then it wont be an issue.



@jgould Integrated to VMS will work as long as the VMS is ONVIF compatible. Also using VLC or RTSP is fine as mentioned by @scottsip.

VMS unlock door is not possible now as there is security concern and protocol is different. But Grandstream provide free GDSManager to allow customer monitor and open door; and GSurf_Pro for recording. Both utilities are running on Windows PC and are FREE.

GDSManager: http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/GDSManager_Release_1.0.1.2.zip

GSurf_Pro: http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/GSurf_Pro_V2_1.0.3.19.zip

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!


hmm i missed and forgot about gsurf apologies.
In the past i would have said use the gs nvr3550 but it was taken off the list…

Anyway thank you for the GSurf memory jog @GS_Guy



@scottsip: Yes, GVR3550 is EOL.

GSurf_Pro is limited by the computer RAM and HDD speed. If you are using at least 8G RAM with SSD, I don’t see any issue for basic recording requirement. Currently 8G/SSD is standard configuration for selling computers. Old windows computers with that configuration should also do the job.

Thank you for using Grandstream products!