VLAN and WPA2 are not functioning -


Huge issue!

Update applied today after reboot.

All SSID set as WPA2, but show as Open (No key) and allow all clients to connect to any SSID!
All SSID use blank/0 VLAN, not the assigned VLAN to the SSID

This is not good at all!


You should create a ticket at helpdesk.grandstream.com


How can I downgrade?




Update: Set all SSID to disabled, apply, enabled a single VLAN SSID (Guest, VLAN 199) and it shows OPEN and connects to VLAN 0.
Reboot the AP, it is now secured.
Reenabled all the SSID, and still shows secure and VLAN is functional.

Power cycle and it all goes back to insecure and no VLAN… Also takes over 5 minutes to reboot


Well, please create a ticket at http://helpdesk.grandstream.com in order ot get Grandstream support can look at this issue.


We did create a ticket.
The problem persists, yesterday wireless dropped (not power outage or auto/manual reboot or config changes) and all came back as Open (no WPA2) and 0/No VLAN.