Viewing images from GDS3710 access


I’m doing a POC for a school I volunteer at. I have a working demo using GDS3710, GCS3570, PBX, etc. I see GDSManager will display a log of every event, access, etc., but what is wanted is a way to view images of each person that used a key fob, visitors admitted and users NOT admitted. How can this be accomplished?


You can setup a local FTP server to collect the snapshots when Door Opened or Door Bell pressed, which are users entering the door: The settings are like below:


If GDSManager used, then those snapshots will be stored at the GDSManager Server (inside the HDD related file folder).

But unfortunately, the GDS cannot take snapshots for NOT admitted, because there should a way to wake the GDS to do this (either swipe card, enter PIN). If you want footage of such events. then enable the Motion Detection Snapshots or use a NVR (or GSurf_Pro V2) to recording the GDS3710 video 7x24 might be the solution.

If you want this data, you can ask person understanding scripts language to write a script to process the logs in GDSManager to strip out those record.

Or, you configure the “Alarm Events Config” to enable the illegal entry alarm (using illegal RFID card or Wrong PIN are considered alarmed action, if you enable this feature. By default is NOT enabled):

Hope this explains and resolves your question. If you have further request, please advise and file a ticket at HELPDESK. If the feature will help most of the users and considered general request, then it might be implemented in the future firmware upgrade.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.