Videofeeds on a single screen


Hi everyone,

as an ipvideotalk update of 49 video feeds from 8 video feeds, can you please tell me how many video feeds can it view on a single screen.

i have tried upto 8 screens and it works. will 49 of the video displayed in the screen? there is not any documentation on it.



While I do not know the answer, I tend to think that trying to render 49 screens at the same time would be pretty hard for a PC to do., not to mention being quite small despite whatever size monitor. But I would be curious to know as well.


Yes but as i have seen my PC usuage for upto 8 video feeds and comparing it with 4 video feeds, PC doesnt seem to take up any variable changes in the Performance.

But how does Zoom does it? is it the same?

I am curious too.