Video stream Link with Beta Firmware



does anybody the gds3710 link of video stream like


I need this for my LOXONE-homeautomation without the HTTP-API Login Process


Please check out and refer to this thread:

Please advise whether the thread helps. Thanks and Good luck!


For rtsp and jpeg access there should be an option with no authentication and access only from specified IP-addresses!


This has been addressed in latest firmware Thank you for using GDS3710


No, anonymous actually works just for JPEG access, RTSP and MJPEG still requires authentication (with the admin account :frowning: )

or is there a new URL to call? rtsp:// opens an RTSP stream (for stream 1) in VLC requiring authenication.

Feature request(s):

  • RTSP stream URLs for streams 2 and 3
  • RTSP config option for authentication including “no authentication” option.
  • MJPEG config option for “no authentication”




The new URL command for snapshot and MJPEG stream with anonymous are below:
https://GDS_IP:Port/anonymous/snapshot/view (Snapshot)
https://GDS_IP:Port/videoview.html (Live MJPEG streaming)

For RTSP without the authentication, it is a risk in security. Could you help to advise what kind of application you are using or plan to use this?

Will send your feedback and see what engineering can do. Thank you for using GDS3710.


rtsp://admin:PW@IP:Port/X (X=0, 4, 8, corresponding to streaming 1, 2, 3)

This is still working, except if you input: rtsp://IP:Port/X without user ID and password (no authentication)
the WebUI still pop up credential request.

Will check to see what we can do. Thanks!


Is a html page, not a MJPEG stream… it works now without authentication on some browsers, but still not on apple iOS… and „naked“ MJPEG without the html page wrapper would be a lot more useful to me.

IMHO RTSP without authentication is better than putting the admin password in the url… i agree this should be disabled by default!
My use case: I just use vlc to monitor my house when I am traveling, it works on all cameras but the gds…