Video preview while ringing?


Got mine last friday.
Is it possible that there´s no option to get the video stream from GDS or GXVs while the unit rings?
I have not found an option to enable this…


We have not been able to get the unit to “ring”. We do get video on auto-answer, however, when trying to call from a GDS or GXP phone, there is not call indication


Ringing works here - and with autoanswer there´s also video then, but then of course it doesn´t ring,
because it´s immediately connected and stops calling on other phones - which also doesn´t make sense.
It simply should behave as a GXV3275 or GXV3380 if a videocall comes in - including a door open button to open without a voice connection and hang up then if opened.
If we first have to offhook to get a video that´s no goal at all.