Video int failed


Hello all,

I’m trying to initiate a video call between two grandstream wave softphones and am getting a video invite failed. Both are the latest version and
use the same service provider callcentric.

Any ideas?



enabled server side and gs wave side the same video codecs?


Possibly, Callcentric is a SIP trunk provider that does not actually handle video, they reportedly will pass it thru, but do nothing to support it. While I hear reports of various providers starting to handle video, I think this to be more so with those that also accommodate hosted PBX systems and not so much when using just SIP trunking alone.

The only suggestion I can offer is to get the GS WAVE manual and then see if you can direct IP call from one Wave to the other Wave using one of the video codec that Callcentric will handle. If this succeeds, then you can try using Callcentric to see if that now works as you know the Wave is working. If not, then either:

  1. The issue lies somewhere in the pass thru. As Callcentric will not assist, you would need to do some debugging of your own using Wireshark or,
  2. There is more than just Callcentric that is handling the call between the two WAVE devices that has been left out of the post.


There’s nothing else between the two waves. They both use SIP accounts to connect directly to Callcentric. I had read that FAQ you linked to and was was hoping for some insight here before trying their support.