Video failed


Hi to all.
We have 2 branch company. Head office is using ucm 6204 and factory is using ucm 6208. They are connected via vpn and audio communication is good. However when i used the model gx3350 android phone when calling the other site with same phone model, we cant use the video call and it keep saying “video failed”. May I ask what is the cause of this?
Thank you.


Check that these settings are the same on both ends:

  • Video resolution, keep it to 720p max.
  • Profile -> BP, MP or HP
  • Payload Type 99

Do you use SRTP?


Hi sir is this settings for phone or ucm itself?

And also sir for this question. How to identify this SRTP? We have just configured the phones and standard phone is ok. However for android phone audio is only working. We have firewall on both ends but it is already allowed to all protocols and the vendor disable the ALG sip on our fortinet.


If you just configured it very simply, you probably didn’t enable SRTP and video should work as the default config works perfectly.

Those settings are on the phones. Did you enable the H264 codecs on each? I think you need to enable them in the Extension on the UCM as well (under Media).


As i remember h24 codecs are enable on both endsof the extension. Weird thing is. If local communication only. Video works perfectly but when traffic is passing the vpn going to other site. Video failed. In my firewalk rule i just simply allow all protocols so there will be no issue. But still this error occur.


@drostoker Have you ever seen that on a Fortinet VPN?


I havent expected yet the vpn logs. I assumed that it passes since SIP already passed the firewall. Is h264 another protocol for voic3?


No. But then again I really have not played with video on the phones.

This is my understanding. But there is also a setting for this codec in the Extensions and Trunks for the UCM if memory serves.


Im very sorry if i have no single idea for this. Its my first time to handle voice especially grandstream. Hope this issue will be fixed im getting stress on this voip.


It sounds like a network/VPN issue since you say it works between phones without going over the VPN.

In this case, I would get the IT/network guy to check it out with packet captures.


VPN can mess, especially fortigate as it have tendency to switch ports.