Video Calling the Camera



UCM6104 Firmware with Model Packages GXP2200 1.1 and Surveillance 1.1 installed
GXP2200 Firmware 1/0.3.27 registered with UCM6104
GXV3611_IR_HD Firmware registered with UCM6104

Using the GXP2200, I try to call the GXV3611’s extension, but I only get sound (both ways) and no video. What am I doing wrong? Forum posts mention that this is possible without giving any details.


You need initiate video call at start (2 button for call). Not later, camera do not support re invite afair.


GXV3611_IR_HD, Hardware Version 1.0A, Firmware

This was a good example of PEBCAK. I guess I did not properly understand how to initiate a video call from the GXP2200. For some reason I thought that the green buttons meant feature enabled. I even tried hitting the second green button before dialing the number. After your posting it finally dawned upon me that I needed to push the button AFTER dialing the extension. Viola! Of course, pages 38-39 of the GXP2200 user manual state the same, but for some reason I must have totally glossed over/misread that section.

Thank you.


I believe it will pass well.