Video call not working



I am trying to video call GSwave 1.0.25 to camera Gxv3611ir_hd , both registered on UCM .

i am not getting video from 3611IR .

"Video invite fail "message is coming when clicking video on.


You may need to change your H264 payload type to 99 to match the UCM. This can be found under Settings–>Account–>Your Account–>H264 Payload Type.


Not working even after changing the suggested setting .

pls confirm the same with same setup.

ucm is on firmware


Not working too with old gs gxe5024. But every GXV device (videophone, cam, conference unit) works correctly w/o any specific setting with the GXE.




Same problem here, video not working with UCM6510, even after changing to 99 also does not work with asterisk pbx.


does your concern resolved…? I’m having the same problem between UCM6510 and UCM6108.
Hoping somebody could help me.


Please open a new thread as this post is quite old (over 2 years and the scenario by which the problem arises is not the same. As the thread progressed it went from a UCM/Camera to GXE/unkown to 6510/unknown and now 6510/6108 and no details.

In the new post, please explain what it is you are trying to accomplish, where the devices are located in relationship to one another, firewall settings if any external devices and any other info that will better define what the setup is. As neither the 6510 or 6108 are able to generate video on their own, we have no idea what the endpoints are and what codecs might be engaged.

You will certainly get more help with a new post with details.