Video/Audio delay (when not using GDS Manager)



When I view/listen to the RDS3710 via RTSP client (such as VLC, ffmpeg/ffplay) I get a delay of around 2 sec.

But: I notice that viewing/listening via GDS Manager does not has this delay.

I believe this delay is not related to the performance of the RTSP client software or PC hardware (all tests on the same PC)

I also notice that viewing via GDS3710 WebApp or MJPEG URL has this delay as well.

Than it must be something inside the GDS3710 implementation.

Could the developer please investigate this issue? Unless there is a known solution.

And since Iam already here:

Is it possible to switch RTSP between TCP/UDP via HTTP-API? If not please consider for future FW.



Whenever you using software to decoding H.264 video stream, there will be delay. But you can adjust buffer to reduce that with risk of shattered video in case packet of payload get lost or delayed.

VLC, ffmpeg/ffpaly, GDSManager, all have delay. GDSManager adjusted buffer and parameters to reduce the delay to a lever not easy to be noticed, with the risk of image corruption in case network crowded, therefore we always suggest in LAN environment to use GDSManager.

VLC can also adjust the delay if you change related parameters or settings.

The RTSP of TCP or UCP is pre-negociated or configured, cannot do the adjustment on the fly with API without handshaking and confirmation.

Hope this explained. Thank you for using GDS3710!