Vibration DP730


I would like to point out a serious lack in the manuals and specifications of the new DECT, the DP730 has the vibration, which is very useful, but in the leaflets and specifications is not mentioned, a serious lack of marketing by GS (at least I do not see it). Probably the DP722 does not have the vibration.


Thanks for the suggestion, I just checked the datasheet and indeed we forgot to mention the vibration, do you mean any other documents that we forgot to mention this feature? thanks!


honestly I only read the brochure in Italian, and this feature was missing and it seemed correct to point out the lack


if I can say mine, the Italian translation of DP720 and DP730 is really embarrassing, I have already reported in the various tickets and here … but it is as if I had never written.
A product with a wrong translation risks losing credibility and showing itself as “unripe”.


if you can send the wrong translated English string and appropriate Italian string to me, I can update them so you will see the updates in future software release.


hello, unfortunately I do not have portable DP handy, just yesterday I made the DP730 you sent me for testing as faulty,
I go to memory:

  • wrong italian translation on the choice 12h / 24h
  • wrong Italian translation when adjusting the ringtone volume
  • I do not remember anything else
    good job