Version for Tablet




Is there any plan for a tablet version of GS Wave?
Basically it has to allow for use on a tablet in landscape.
This would be very useful on tablets (iPad / Android) being used for smart home or security functions.
This would be especially useful with the new door phone.




Almost two years after this request, no answer and no progress on that side from Grandstream. Having a tablet feature coupled with the GDS3710 is quite a must!!!


Is not the Android and iOS versions suitable on a tablet? I have not tried as I only have a surface pro, but as the same OS on the tablets are in use on the phones, I would think the existing versions would work. However, I notice that the initial post was about landscape mode, so perhaps that is the issue?


Landscape and better use of large screen (tablet) are rather similar issues. At the moment, in landscape mode the buttons are on the side on not at the bottom.


Any update from Grandstream on that? When gs wave will be landscape ready ?


This is user forum, if you want exact info go via ticket system.