Variables on DOD of the extensions


I have an important project for a UCM6510 with about 250 GXP phones, the Customer asks me something special about DOD:
Example scenario: (see the attached photo, these are examples I’m doing in the Laboratory with UCM6208),

  • all outgoing extensions exit with the DOD 0237929100
  • extension 149 only comes out with DOD 0237929100
    So far, everything is clear to me.
    The customer asks me the possibility for each extension to be able to choose each call through a code or a procedure if exit with DOD 0237929100 (which is the base number), or with DOD 02379291xx (xx = depending on your extension that makes the call external.
    This Customer request is very important to be able to sell the Grandstream Product.
    Does anyone have any idea if and how it can be done?
    I hope I was clear,

thank you


Dynamic switching of CID is not supported currently in the UCM.


The only way I can see to do this is to give each person two extensions with each extension going to the different DOD. So the person will just choose their extension A to call out showing number 1 and extension A to show number 2.


yes I got there, but with 250 extensions doing this thing is crazy, I was hoping there was a different solution



You can try with DOD 0237929 then click on add extension and select extension !
dont forget to click on add extension.


I have had this scenario with both UCM and 3CX. One of our SIP suppliers has a short code service whereby we can do this. We prefix a number with a short code, the SIP registrar recognises this and adds the appropriate CID to the SIP header. This only works with numbers assigned to the trunk but we’ve been using it for a couple of years and it works well and overcomes an issue that comes up a lot.
Try your SIP provider to see if they can do this


unfortunately you can not because each extension can only be part of a DOD