# Value-added Service/Door System PCode


Does someone know which is the correct PCode for GDS 1 on the WP820. The config file shows P32000 and GDMS shows P32001


try P32000.5

Could not resist…:smiley:



It seems the GDS P-values on the WP820 config template needs to be updated to reflect the latest changes of the GDS feature. P32001 sets the GDS type and also enables GDS 1. P32006 sets the GDS type and enables GDS 2 and so on. The values P32000, P32005, P32010, etc seems no longer in effect. We will update the config template accordingly.



Thanks @GS.Rick.

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, can you advise when the updated template is made available.



We plan to roll out an update on the upcoming official release. We are finalizing changes at the moment.