"Valid date" on user management



There is a “valid date” but no “expiration date” on the user/card management. This would be nice to have to ensure that security standards are being met.


The field should really read “Card Expires On” (date), not Valid Date.

Basically all cards are active (after you click active for the card), but will expire on the Valid Date (which is confusing with the way it is worded).

GS - the manual could also use additional clarification on that topic.


Then we suggest that there is a “valid from” and “valid until” date, so that we can pre-load cards but not have them be active until a person’s start date.


You can preload now and wait to select ENABLE at a later time.

It would be nice though to be able to enable a user account, but disallow the card temporarily, such as lost card, but still needs access to use their private door code, etc…


Yes, but then that requires another touchpoint. If we could just pre-load cards with a valid start date and end date, then we don’t have to remember to go back in and punch them all enabled.


… Basically a card import option that includes options for start and end dates and allows setting the account active once it hits the start date.

Excellent idea!

How about it GS?


Exactly. We do a lot of work for financial companies that hire seasonally. They know who they’re hiring, but those people don’t start until a certain date, and they end at a certain date. Being able to pre-load those users once and forgetting about enable/disable makes it easy.