V-Lan settings over Zero Config


Hi! I am trying to set-up a Customers wish… He has a managed Vlan topology. He‘s using a UCM 6510 „untagged“ in a Phone Vlan, acting as DHCP Server. The Phone Vlan is „untagged“ on the Switch port and the Computer Vlan is „tagged“. We want to use the Phone Switch for Computers on the second Port „untagged“ in the Computer Vlan. Everything is working fine with 6 Gxp2170. The settings are made in the Phone Config manually. Now we‘ re planning 200 new phones and i dont want to set the vlan settings on each Phone manually. Is there a chance to manage these settings in zero-config with p-codes ( which i did not found yet), or do i have to deploy a basic config file before i use zero config? Thanks for your support!!! :wink:


Your description is somewhat confusing as you indicate “switch port”, and then “second port” but don’t explain to which device the ports belong. Further, what is the “Phone switch”? As you are familiar with the setup it all seems logical, but to us others, we rely on a verbal “picture” of the scenario to understand what it is that you see.

While I do not understand the scenario, I assume that when you indicate that you have manually configured the phones and they work, that you mean that you have entered in a Vlan into the device and as such are looking for the Pcode that allows you to automatically set same. However, there is no need for such as if you will set up the model template for the 2170 and then look at the network settings, you will see:


Thanks for your reply!

Sorry, i thought i explained it in simple Way… Unlikely english is not My mothertongue… So i try to make more precísely:

In My Network Switch are several Vlans, at least one „untagged“ for the phone-Vlan ( Connection to the Pbx ). On the same Port is a vlan „tagged“ for Computer Clients. The Gxp2170 are attached to the Network-Switch at this Port. The Communication with the PBX is no Problem, also the „Zero-config“ . The PC Port of the Telephone will be used for the Computer Clients ( This is what i mentioned as Phone-switch, the Second Port of the Phone). This PC-Port of the Phone is what i want to use as a „ untagged“ Port for my Computer-Client.
So i will check your Solution in the evening… Thanks a lot for your Support!



I‘ve found the solution. The P-Code list i used was not complete. Now i have the origanal. It‘ s P-Code 229… For the VLan ID on the PC Port. Thanks for your help! Greetings!