Using Text Messages


I trying to start using text messages.

  1. I was sent text to GPX2160. It appears on the screen, but with no ringtone
    Then I found Settings>Call Features>Play Tone On Receiving IM and set it To Enabled.
    Now everything is fine.
  2. Then I tried use same feature at GPX 1628. I didn’t found same option “Play Tone On Receiving IM” to Enable it. Also LCD on text shows only message icon, but no text on screen. Can I turn on sound and show message on LCD somehow?

System Info

Product Model GXP1628
Part Number 9620006617B

Software Version



Support answer:
Hello ILYA ,
Thank you for contacting Grandstream Networks EMEA support center

Please be informed that the feature ‘Play Tone On Receiving IM’ is not supported on the GXP16xx, and to view the message, you can navigate under the menu-> Messages -> Instant Messages

Thanks and regards,

So Instant Messages looks pretty useless at GXP16xx