Using soft keys to operate a WiFi switch such as belkin wemo


I suggest adding a feature that would allow me to turn on ac’s / lights ect.


That’s like asking your car manufacturer to add a switch that allows you to turn on AC’s, lights, etc. How do they do that? What ecosystem do they use? Which protocol? How do they keep up with security updates? How do they authenticate and prevent abuse?

If you really want to do that, then set an extension on your PBX to run an AGI that issues the proper API calls to your chosen smartdevice provider (or use IFTTT and maker web hooks) and you can do it by calling an extension, which you could then speed dial on the phone. MUCH easier than having the hardware do it for you.


Don’t have AGI capabilities on your PBX? Monitor your call logs with a syslog server and look for calls to the extension in question. Once you see it, issue the trigger via IFTTT maker web hooks.

In fact, this is inspiring me to do this for my house…wait, no. I have Amazon Echos and Google Homes and light switches and motion detectors for that! :slight_smile:


I don’t trust those smart speaker even Cortana, so I build my own use python and my windows laptop, pretty simply:

  1. import speech_recognition to pick up my voice and translate into text
  2. once detected any text that match a command, do something and talk back to me
  3. import com.client as wincl, this is what i used for talking back to me on windows as my most work is still on windows:
    def speak(text):
    speak = wincl.Dispatch("SAPI.SpVoice")


You still have to connect to smart stuff APIs, though, right?


you are right~!:rofl: