Using FOP2 or other operator panel with UCM6510


Hi all,

I’ve been digging through the forums and it’s been a while since anyone has made a topic about this, so I figured I’d see if there’s a more recent perspective on this.

Has anyone used FOP2 successfully with a UCM appliance?
The topics from 2015 talked about the lack of access to the AMI “control” permission, but that has since been added, so I’m thinking it should work without issue.

Any success stories or someone willing to test?


It is not possible as FOP2 need install some components in asterisk.
GS do not allow installation.


What about if I install FOP2 on a Linux box and point it at the AMI? Is the AMI altered at all in the GS underlying Asterisk?


Unfortunately no, you need this FOP2 elements in ucm AFAIK.


As per

The software consists of two components, a server side daemon that runs in your server, and a web application that is served by your web server. The server daemon will connect to the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) over port tcp/5038 and will be the mediator between Asterisk© and the web clients.

This should be enough to tell you that it will not work. You cannot install the server-side daemon on the UCM, as you cannot install arbitrary software.

It’s not quite the same thing, but you may be able to use the GS Affinity software, available at


Hm. But not that I carefully re-read your post, I’m not sure about installing it somewhere else and having it point at the AMI port. That may actually work. There’s nothing other than a username that needs to be added to get FOP2 to work within AMI. So it just might.

Try it and see, but be sure to report back to us all here! :slight_smile:


See, that’s what I thought. The posts in the past pointed to the limited AMI access being the problem, but that’s pretty unrestricted now, so it _should _ work.
I haven’t actually purchased a UCM yet, as the software switchboard is a requirement for us for our phone upgrade, but if I can get a POC, or work with someone who has a UCM available for testing, it would be easy enough to set up and give it a try.

I will report back if I can find someone to help me test!


We may have some time in the next week or so to test this out. Will let you know what we find.


Great, thanks.


Sorry. Won’t work. Requires altering the Asterisk dial plan with some custom routing that you can’t do in the framework of a UCM. Nice thought, but it won’t work out of the box.

You might be able to do a brain-damaged install of some sort to install locally to an Asterisk that you have on a box, but then point it at the UCM AMI port to see what sort of information you could gather, but that’s going to be beyond the scope of our testing. Suffice it to say that it won’t work as intended with just the normal install as documented.


Darn, that’s too bad.

Thanks for looking into it so quickly. At least now there’s a definitive answer to go by for the next few years.

I’m guessing you’re probably right with the brain-damaged approach, however since I’m hoping to roll this system out to production, that probably wouldn’t be ideal. If I get my hands on a Grandstream in the future, I may play around with it some more.


Which part FOP you need ?


I need to be able to use it as a basic switchboard. Seeing who is on the phone, and being able to answer a phone call at the operator extension (the user who is logged into FOP) and then transfer it to any other extension in the building.


This is doable via ami for sure, i found this but not time for test. From description it should do what you need.


Interesting, I’ll have to play around with that if I find some more time.
Thanks for the help!


Why not use Voice Operator Panel


Have you used this with a Grandstream UCM device? If it requires any custom dialplan modifications, I can’t see it working with UCM.


You might try and play with AsterSwitchboard. I was working with them on a different platform and while they did not support that platform directly, they provided me with a patch. They subsequently implemented the patch into the product so that it now supports that platform.

On a whim I just installed it on a Windows system and it seems to have some functionality, but I have not had the time to really test it or program the options, nor do I pretend to know that it will fulfill the need many seek. It is the trial version so it is crippled in some respects, but it does show the calls so it is able to read the phone status. I installed on my home machine which is on a site-to-site VPN to the office this AM. I merely called from my extension at the house to an office extension and it does show this, but as the office is not yet open, no one was there to answer, so am uncertain as to transfers and the like. It appears to be a much more reasonably priced item, but perhaps there is a reason for it.

Here is a screen shot:

The call log also seems to work:

As they helped me out before, they might do so for this platform as well, as the desire has been there for years, but for whatever reason GS has never acted on it, so they might see a market. I did not try and call out using it…yet.


That looks really promising, I’ll play around with it and see how it feels. I completely agree on the market for GS, so here’s hoping!


How about an app that provides Call Queue info/management with Grandstream?