Using AI to create customer greetings?


We have one person here who is the designated “Voice” for whenever a customer wants a greeting changed. When that person isn’t available its a race to see who can say not it fastest for everyone else.

That got me to thinking. Is anyone using an AI Voice Generation service to do customer greetings? I was looking at which isn’t horribly expensive and they allow commercial use, I’m just not sure we do this enough to justify the cost. Anyone else doing something similar?


I have started doing this. I am using Microsoft’s audio content creation tool in Azure. “Friendly Jenny” as I call her is wonderful! She sounds so human-like. I can type the script, listen to it, save it and export, and future changes are simple because it saves your files. I believe AWS has something similar.


I have use AWS Amazon Polly which is an AI generated text-to-speech service on several occasion to do IVR and other Message recordings for several clients and they like it.

My favorite voice is “Joanna”.


I came across this while on the forum for something else and thought i’d respond with my experiences.
I played with a bit, but recently came across This works well, has a fantastic range of voices and is reasonably priced.


Eleven labs looks promising. I played with Azure for awhile but I’m concerned about giving them a CC when there’s no flat rate billing.