Using Affinity in Route mode


We built a new domain and decided to put our 6208 in Route mode to save on IP addresses. It works GREAT! The WAN is on a 172.27.140… and the phone 192.168.252… Will affinity work in Route mode?


This looks like you have put your UCM directly onto the Internet. Highly recommended that you always put your UCM behind a firewall with appropriate ACLs in place!


It’s behind a firewall. That’s an internal address. The public address and the sip trunk both go through our firewall. Internally however with the UCM as 172 and set as Route and phone on the 192 network, will the UCM pass through Affinity from the computer on the 172 network?


Sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve.

My standard config is to put it in switch mode, plug one cable in to the LAN port to the LAN. As long as both the UCM, the phones and the computers are on the same subnet, all works.

Please advise.


I agree. We have 25 phones in our office and lots of computers. In route mode, I only loose 1 ip address that is on the “computer” network. In switch mode I use 26 “computer” ip addresses. My thought was simply to separate the phones from the computers internally and save some IP addresses. Simply made sense in my mind. If it can’t be done I’ll change the IP’s of all my phones again and change it back to switch mode.
Not a big deal. I sure wish FOP2 worked with the Grandstream UCM. I haven’t figured that our yet.


You and the rest of us…

Let us know if you find something that works well.


How many hosts do you have that you need to save 25 addresses in a class B private subnet??


Prompted me to check out Affinity …

Important Note:
When using the UCM6xxx with Router mode under network settings, make sure to connect the phones
and computer running GS Affinity behind the LAN port, otherwise, the CTI application will not be able to
discover and interact with GXP phones.