User not able to hear recordings after giving user access to specific extensions to listen in on call recordings


I recently learned how to give access to one user to recordings as listed below (as I’m rookie amongst you pros).

Click on Add, assign a name for the Privilege, and add the features you want the users to be able to access to, among those you will find the CDR Recording Files. Save and apply.

However, user cannot hear the recordings. What am I missing. Unfortunately I cannot test this in person as they are in another city. Please advise if anyone knows the fix, Millions of thanks in advance. .


Can the user even see the recordings when they log into the PBX web interface using their extension login?


Thanks for your reply, they can see the blue square on the far right side (the icon that looks like a vhs tape) They clicimage k on it, then go to download it and they get this message.


Sorry, not sure why my reply was set in middle of the sentence. What I was trying to say is that they click on the blue recording icon on the far right, then the download error in pic, Then they get the error that the file does not exist or has been deleted. Thanks again for your reply Please advise



I’ll keep you all posted on what they recommend if it gets resolved. Thanks again