User Experience Enhancement Request


I am working on a multi-site organization in GDMS. Every time I switch out of the VoIP Device screen, it reset the filter. Hence I must continually waste time resetting it between tasks (such as seeing how the schedule is going.

Could the GDM GUI be improved to remember the last filter setting until reset and/or until you log in and out of the system.

Thanks for your consideration.


+1 from me


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! If the user select the model to filter the models as the image shows below:

Then, go to “Set Parameter” interface, the user can click “Quick Back” option in the screenshot below to go back to Devie page, and the selected filter will be still there.

If the user just clicks other interface, the system will consider this as a new operation, and will not save the filter.
Your suggestion is also a nice suggestion for the “Enter MAC/Device Name/IP” blank, and we will consider to improve it for the filter in this blank. I have reported it to our developing team for evaluating. Thanks for your suggestions!

Thank you!


Can you create your own gdms style tr69 server to do what you want…


Dear all,

Thank you for all your feedback! This feature request has been sent to our GDMS developing team and we will consider to improve it in GDMS platform future release. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!


I use LibreACS ( for router and handset management and deployment…have done for a few years. It can take a while to get it up and running but it works although hasn’t been updated for a while though.
I’d like to see a version of GDMS we can deploy locally as with GWN manager
I’ve also heard good things about GenieACS ( but haven’t looked at it in detail


My problem is when I have to go to another section of the GUI. For example, from the filtered device list I want to see the status of a scheduled event, I click on the clock

And it takes me to the schedule. The link you point out does not exist. So w!hen I go back to the VoIP device list the filer is gone.

Same if I have to jump from the device list to another part of the system. No way back with the filter in place.

Add to that I cannot right click on things to open where I want to go in another Tab or Window and it become very time consuming to work with where filtering is needed.



Anything is possible. But I want to use all the functionality built into GDMS, especially as we move to UCM63xx deployments.


It is my understanding that this is planned, but without all the good remote connect stuff for the UCM6300 series. :frowning:


If I was selfish, which I’m not, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the 6300 stuff as we don’t sell onprem systems…at least very rarely. The bigger market in the UK is for hosted and I haven’t sold an onprem UCM (or any other system (for 2 years with little prospect of it happening again.
Having said that I do recognise that in some markets onprem systems are still popular :slight_smile:


"If I only had a hammer then everything would look like a nail. :wink:

I have been doing 75% onprem and 25% in the cloud. Different companies have different needs.

For onprem I use Grandstream UCMs. And i use Grandstream endpoints for both. So GDMS serves multiple needs for me. That being said, I am still using Zero Config for most UCM deployments with GDMS for new ones where there isn’t another existing UCM being connected to.

Always good to get different perspectives.

@rtl what do you use for your in the cloud PBX?


We use Vodia for preference. Have used 3CX since 2009 but we are migrating away from it. Always with GS endpoints. We’ve used GS since 2008 and haven’t touched anything else since


Seems to be a recurring theme will more and more folks. I keep wondering at many of their actions/decisions.

Wish I could use Grandstream in the cloud. And I recall seeing somewhere someone offering a hosting service for Grandstream UCMs in the cloud (or an off-site data center at any rate).


I like 3CX, it’s a good product. However there are reasons for moving. Having said that Vodia is very, very good and completely channel focussed. It does take a while to learn though and it can do things that are near to impossible with 3CX


I’ll second that. I love the multitenent aspect and even on a Pi.


And I love being able to completely rebrand the interface. We’ve re-written the webclient so it is what it should be. But what I really like is the ACD…one of the best I’ve seen since the old InterTel Axxess.
Never tried it on a Pi but Vodia did send over an IOP ( which I haven’t taken out of the box yet


The iop is not available in the US, only the pi or software.


Dear Drostoker,

Thank you for your clarification and feedback! If the user clicks other section directly and goes back to the original section, the system will not save the filter. We will consider to add improvements for this issue, which is add the “back” feature on the path, so that if the user clicks the task icon on the device interface and clicks “go back” option (not the section on the main menu), the user can see the filter is still on the device interface. We will consider to improve it in future GDMS release. Thanks for your testing!

Let me know if you hav any further quesitons.

Thank you!


Thank you.

While that would work, I would prefer to see the system starting to remember my last selection on the GUI. It would give me more freedom to move about.



Dear user,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We will consider your suggestion when we improve the GDMS platform. Thank you for your testing!

Thank you!