Use second line key as a feature key


Trying to add a feature on the second line key… Is that possible??


It’s not clear what phone you have, but generally speaking the answer to your question is “yes.” You may want to consult the documentation. For instance,


So sorry, GXP1450. The attachment is helpful (Thanks) but does not show how to change a line key to a feature key??


Start with the user manual ( and read starting at the bottom of page 63.


Thanks, It appears to be programmed but does not display on the LCD Screen??


What firmware and programmed with what setting?


Programable Keys
Line 2
set as Call Park

The key will function as cal park but the button is not labeled??


the button is blank. Nothing appears on the LCD screen next to the button


Please provide a screenshot of the setting. I may have one laying around that I can see if I can duplicate. As this is a lower end phone and one that is obsolete, it may be one of those things where what you see (or don’t) is what you get, but I am uncertain until I check on it…if I still have one.


Here is a snapshot. The feature works but the LCD display does not say Park


With only two line keys, using the 2nd key will inhibit your ability to receive a 2nd call.

I thought the 14xx series didn’t allow it to be changed for that reason.


We don’t have a 14xx series phone, but does it have the ability to change VPK functions from “Line” to “Account” like the 21xx series phones do? If so, that limitation disappears.


It does allow you to change it… THE ISSUE is that it works but the button is not labeled???


You are correct. @lstutesman was likely commenting without thinking (or fully reading) which so many of us do from time to time. :slight_smile:


@SmartVox I’m wounded… :wink:

To elaborate, I’m saying that the 14xx series phones didn’t used to allow it at all, while all of the other GXP models do/did.

If it allows it to work, it is likely working by accident as it wasn’t meant to and the phones haven’t had an update since 2016.

IF you can make it work, it will likely not like it very much and could have other issues come up.


@lstutesman :blush:

@scottb888, is it safe to close this topic up? I think you’ve gotten what you needed, right?


Well, it looks like that’s the best se can do, so yes Please