Use of HID Proximity Cards?


Hello all;

Apologies if this has been answered before, or if its knowledge I should already have, but I have searched on Google and cannot find a straight answer, so hoping to get one from people who have done this.

Are HID Proximity cards compatible with the 125Khz RFID reader in the GDS3705?




You can find the info you seek in the product data sheet.
EM4100 (125kHz)


No, at least not mine. I have a GDS3710 and I had to connect an external HID RFID reader using the Wiegand input on the GDS3710.

Also, if you have an EM4100 card and an HID card next to each other, they will interfere so think twice before issuing two cards to employees.

I don’t get how Granstream missed the fact that if they want to sell their product, it has to be backwards compatible with very widely deployed cards such as the HID ones.


Thanks, thats helpful!

I’ve not been able to glean much online, with some posts indicating it depends on the encoding of the data on the cards, some saying that EM4100 readers should work and others saying they don’t work at all.

It seems a bit like a test and see scenario.


I tried 2 different EM4100 readers, and none worked. I have looked into the encoding, unless you find a “universal” or “multi-standard” RFID reader, it won’t read the HID cards. Same in the other direction, an HID reader will not read an EM4100 card.

I have 100 card readers and 600 cards, I am slowly developping a Raspberry Pi based solution based on the HID readers, no choice. If you have only and handful you can do a flag-day swap, but I can’t.

The frequency is the same, and in theory there is such thing that could read both formats (which is why I gave it a shot) but in practice I have not seen anything out there that works.