Use Lock Key only on demand


Is there a way to use the Lock Key only on demand.

Currently I can only see how to turn it off and on (with on only allowing auto lock :frowning_face: )

I also cannot find a way to set the Lock settings from the web GUI. If not already mentioned, I believe I should be able to do this via the web GUI and P-Code.


I think this is the same as what we were asking for in some other post that I can’t find right now. Our tester has started going mobile and finding that slipping it into a pocket without the auto-lock means it’s very easy to butt dial.



I just don’t need to have it lock while sitting on the desk; makes using it less friendly.

I just want to manually lock it when pick it up to go somewhere.

Just thinking out loud, but the ideal would be to lock when not in use and in motion for more than a brief period…


If only there were some sort of sensor that detected motion and orientation of the device…



We noted this request previously and it is under consideration.



There’s a defect in the phone currently - disabling auto-lock, also disabled manual locking. There’ve been a few recommended ways to maintain the auto lock, but normally it would just be to hold down # for a few seconds (just not currently working right).



Currently when screen lock is activated it will follow screen timeout to auto lock. Pressing end call key or holding down # key will trigger lock screen as well. We are evaluating to improve the lock screen such that there would be the option to just have manual locking.



@GS.Rick, i really don’t know what there is to evaluate here, I find the current all or none setup extremely frustrating and can see no downside to giving users the option to be able to lock on demand only as an option. I therefore urge Grandstream to implement the ability to choose to do so ASAP.

Thanks for listening.



We have noted this issue and will do our best to push for the feature.




Didn’t mean to take it out on you, but I was very frustrated as the phone kept “pocket dialing”. I’ve had to switch the Auto Lock back on which causes other frustrations…