Use GXP2130 Phone as Router for PPPoE connection


I set up my GXP2130 phone to PPPoE internet connection.
How can I configure my phone for share this connection to devices which connected to my phone PC port?


More detail is need in order to understand how the phone is connected. Is there a router or do y9ou mean to say that the phone is connected directly to the ISP and has a public IP?


OK. The phone is not a router, DNS or DHCP server, so unless the ISP is able to provide another IP, DNS and gateway info to the device connected to the PC port, there is nothing the phone can do. Also, do not publish info that shows your public IP for the public to see. I have removed the picture for security reasons.


ok, thanks. Going to buy a router))


Yep dont use anything outside of a dedicated router for the task - something like the mikrotik…