Use GSC3510 as access point?


Can the GSC3510 be used as a WiFi access point? The product specifications is very unclear and almost feels like it’s deliberately made unclear… It says it support WiFi. But is this just for the unit to connect to WiFi or does this mean it can also provide WiFi?


It can connect to Wi-Fi (kinda useless since it is PoE-only but anyway.)

It cannot be a hotspot. That’s very clear that no devices other than APs and Android phones can do that.


Thank you so much for the quick answer and totally agree about the POE comment. May I ask where it is very clear that no devices other than APs and Android phones can do that? IT would actually be such a great feature if the intercoms could - it just makes sense to have an intercom + AP in a classroom.
I am completely new to Grandstream and still trying to figure out their way of giving information, support, etc. What I see about their PBX systems look amazing and I am sure I will get the hang of it eventually.


An intercom is an intercom, not a Wi-Fi Access Point.

A Wi-Fi AP is an AP, not an intercom.

Why not both??? Pricing, features, hardware resources, and simple logic? It was never meant for that.

And where is it clear? Hmm, let me see… across pretty much every SIP device manufacturers? So, if you’re new to Grandstream, are you new to VoIP period?



Most desktop SIP phones has a line in and then a LAN out - so why is it so hard to comprehend the fact that an intercom can be an access point as well? My cellphone can be a SIP phone, video phone, Intercom AND AP… I am just pointing out the fact that it would have been a nice feature. Anyone working in a school environment would be able to see the benefit. It is one less LAN cable per classroom. I wasn’t slamming Grandstream for not providing the feature.

The specifications on the device just says “Integrated dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi” - there is no clear description what this WiFi is actually for, so I asked - that’s all


LAN Out is actually for PC Port. Not for sharing the network or whatever, and when you use VLANs correctly, you secure the network by disabling the PC Port or restricting it to a different VLAN than voice.

You cell phone is probably around 600$ and more. A GSC is 250$. You want an intercom/AP? Build it yourself and let me know how much it cost you to get the softwares, the hardware and both of them working correctly… There’s a reason why we separate the usage of each one.

Also, if you are worried about cabling or “1 AP per classroom”, you’re not doing it correctly.


It would’ve been “Wi-Fi Hotspot Compatible” if it was able to share the connection. 100% of devices that say “Integrated Wi-Fi” is not for sharing. This leads me to think you have very few experience with IT.


I am not going to get involved in a conversation where you take everything I say out of context and is clearly only interested in picking a fight. You have such a small idea of the whole scenario yet you have all the answers. Thank you for answering my initial question


As you wish. I am just pointing out that your reasonning, while useful for some cases, is not how a company like Grandstream thinks, nor even how us, partners, think of the products.

You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. Oh, and if you think that this is picking up a fight, you might not be on the right forum my friend. We are friendly, but we will say if someone is wrong. That’s called a constructive criticism.