Uploading Ringtone Problems



Hello All,

First off, there are 12 extension. 10 of them are ringing correctly, 2 are not.

UCM6204 -
11 - 2170’s - All running
1 - 2160 - Running

I’m having trouble with one 2170 and the 2160.

  1. I’ve generated 3 .bin files and added them to the firmware directory. I’m assuming I’ve done this correctly as evidenced by all the phones that are working.
  2. I’ve added the Pcodes to the template. Again, 10 phones are working perfect so I’m assuming I’ve done this correctly.
    2 B. Even the phones that are not working correctly (wrong ring tone) are ringing with alternate ring tones, they are just using the built in tones and not the ringtones in the .bin files.
  3. I’ve factory reset and rebooted both of the non-working phone many times, (more than 5 / less than 10).
  4. I did find that I had to reboot many of the phones 2 or 3 times before the new ringtones took effect.

I could upload the files but that doesn’t help in the long run. If the phones are factory reset, then, the file is gone.

Is there something more I can do?

This has been a lot of work and a lot of frustration due to a lack of built in ringtone options. Grandstream reps who read this. Please pass on my frustration.


After upload check if ringtone is correct (you can do it via phone when selecting ringtone).


The ringtone shows as correct. All the options show as correct. What’s not correct is, it seems like, only these two phones are not downloading the .bin files with the new ring tone after a factory reset or a reboot.


Run syslog, hard to say why they do not download without it.