Uploading Holiday Date/Time to UCM



I have an ever growing group of UCMs that all use the same Holiday dates. Under the current setup I need to go into each UCM and correct each holiday one at a time.

It is a big pain in the ass and time waster (even though I am paid by the hour).

I would be a big improvement if we could download and upload the holiday entries in a UCM either in bulk or via selection (but not just one by one please).


Just like all else in the UCM world, I would love to be able to point holidays at an XML file on a web site some where and just have them downloaded on a regular schedule for the same reason. With some server-side scripting, this can also be automated for each customer to set their own schedules and deliver customized XML files to each device.


This would be amazing. I could manage all my customers Holidays in one spot and just tell each system where to look for it!!


We try to make computers do what they do best - play video games. That means we try to make other computers take care of as much automation as they can so we have time to sit around and play video games. :slight_smile:


Yes, that would be great. But some of us don’t know how to do some of the things you do and therefore have to rely on system providers to make their stuff less manually intensive.

Now I for 1 know what XML is, but haven’t a clue how to build XML files easily nor how to get those self same files into the UCM. Want to run some webinars?


Would be happy to. But you won’t have to. If done properly, then the holiday times would be downloadable as an XML file so you could save them from one machine and copy/upload them to another. Given that, you would be able to see the format and know what fields are required and how they work. Combined with a paragraph of text and a table of a dozen field names in a Grandstream Admin guide, and you’d be all set to roll your own!


You said a mouthful.

But if you are up to it, I’d take you up on an offer to learn more about XML…


I guess that having a way to import/export them as we can with the extensions would be a very good first step.



Thank you for your information. We have reported this feature request to our development team.

Thanks again and have a nice day.


I just want to say thank you GSSupport78 - it is nice to see a response from Grandstream in this forum.


This is an old post but any developpement on that feature?

Actualy I have a backup with all my basic setting that I restore on each UCM then I start from there


I would add a change, insert the possibility to insert also the year.
For example, every year Easter falls on a different Sunday, so you must enter each year the single anniversary.