Upgrading a HT-502 from Firmware


I can’t seem to upgrade the firmware on my HT502. I think I may be too far out of date to grab the latest version.

I assume I need to upgrade to some intermediate version(s) in order to be able to install the latest version (

I’ve got local syslogging set up and have a local firmware server configured.

Product Model: HT-502 V1.1C Software Version: Program-- Bootloader-- Core-- Base--


For “intermediate” firmware versions you need to open a support ticket:


Thanks CyFo.

I was about to open a ticket, then I found a link to http://malab.grandstream.com/firmware/HT5XX and used the firmware release note history to figure out the versions to use. I upgraded in the 4 following steps and am now up to date.

http://malab.grandstream.com/firmware/HT5XX/transition/ – transition from ht502prog.bin to ht502proga.bin naming
http://malab.grandstream.com/firmware/HT5XX/ – uuuuupgrade!
http://malab.grandstream.com/firmware/HT5XX/ – transition from ht502proga.bin to ht502fw.bin naming
http://malab.grandstream.com/firmware/HT5XX/ – most recent version

Before the upgrade I didn’t have an “Apply” button and the log messages I was getting didn’t include all the debug info I needed. The upgraded firmware is much better!


Muchas gracias, fue muy util tu ayuda :+1: