Upgrading 1450 from 1.05


How do I upgrade my 1450’s (New System). I found a youtube but it did not work. :(. Thanks for all your help!!


You don’t specify the firmware level on your 1450’s. What did you try and what did you experience when trying to upgrade the fw?


1.05.x is on my 1450. I tried setting up model specific provisioning, moving the 1.08.x load into the UCM following a youtube video I watched. It did not up me to the newer software.


What is the specific fw version on your handsets.




GS changed from 5 files to a single firmware file during the 1.0.5.x fork. I can’t remember exactly which version but it was after which has 5 files in the download.
I suggest you first upgrade to fw then to GS support should be able to point you in the direction of the file


Do you suppose that’s why it won’t upgrade to


It may be. I’m guessing because you haven’t said how you tried to upgrade the handsets, what happened and how you tried to debug it. I always find the best start point is a syslog or better still a pcap with syslog included. I’m not sure if the 1450 supports pcap…can’t remember that far back :slight_smile: