Upgrade to UCM62xx



I’ve bought a UCM6204 because I wanted to replace my UCM6104.
A while ago, I was told that I could copy the config from the 61xx to the 62xx. I tried this but I failed.

My 61xxis running fw The 62xx came with fw I can upgrade the 62xx to but not to Is this a problem?
The backup from the 61xx had no config whatsoever when I restored it on the 62xx

Thanks for your time and help!



usually upgrading to the same level will resolve.



But there is no firmware for the 62xx and the support for 61xx has stopped at so I can not upgrade to 1.0.19.x


sticky situation …

You will have to downgrade to - http://firmware.grandstream.com/Release_UCM61xx_1.0.18.13.zip

Reboot then do another backup after checking if all is well then use that backup on the UCM 62xx


I seem to recall that Lucas (lstutesman) indicated that he has client who wanted to do the same thing. He had the 61XX at the .16 version and went ahead and updated the F/W on the 62XX to the .127 level and the restore works.

Found the post:


hmmm…so I did the downgrade on the 61xx and the upgrade on the 62xx.
Next I created a backup (all checkboxes) and did a restore.
Nothing, no trunks, no extensions, no groups…nothing. Network settings were fine and maybe some other stuff, but for the rest, nothing :frowning: