Updating to FW / 43 Management Problems


When we updated our 7610s to and our 7600LRs to, our WiFi network went down.

There are warnings about “combining” usage of FW 1.0.4.x with these latest AP FWs, but the message isn’t very clear. I interpreted that as meaning don’t have those 2 FWs coexisting on the same network. What it apparently means is "Do not use any model of AP or GWN7000 router with a FW of 1.0.4.x to push configuration to any APs of FW 1.0.6.X or it will fail.


If you use grandstream Router you must stay on 1.0.4.xxx firmware.
Router fw must be first updated to work correctly with new firmware for GWN AP.


Thanks Marcin,
That’s understandable. Because I wasn’t aware of that- we had some APs that were operating with 1.0.5.x without issue before, but I suppose that was just luck.


Alone AP can be 1.0.6.xx but if you want manage from router need keep 1.0.4.xx
I wait for this new router firmware … :frowning:


That was just an oversight on my part…


Hi, all,

Thanks for your input. We plan to provide ssh menu option to factory reset slave AP in next FP. In this case, even master is lost, slave still can be factory reset through admin password login.


That’s great! Some of our APs are in locations that may take a long while to gain physical access to, so this will help tremendously if a slave AP’s firmware gets corrupted or updated improperly.