Updated full list of XML fields supported by QR code


Hi. I use Fusionpbx and it has a baked in QR generator for GS wave, naturally we lean towards using it for our preferred softclient.

I had found some old threads (2016) saying that the QR code only supported a few fields, for ex:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> FQDN FQDN:[PORT] FQDN:[PORT] 1580[USERNAME] [PASSWORD] NAME NAME {x+|*x+|*++} 0 *97

This is what I get out of my generator.

I am curious if in the 5 years since 2016 any new supported fields have been added, and if so if there’s a public list of them.


Great question. Following as I’d like the answer too. However, I bet you’d be best served by opening a ticket with GS as this is just a user to user forum. GS only pokes their head in occasionally.


With the new Wave I believe GS Wave will not have much future