Updated firmware version


Excellent, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. The ability to monitor my other (non SIP) cameras using this device.

I’d like to be able to monitor my GDS3710, use this device to open a gate, as well as monitor several other 3mp and 8mp non-grandstream ONVIF capable cameras I have around my property They are all already going to an enterprise type NVR (including the ONVIF side of the GDS3710) but to be able to send the second lower quality stream to the GSC3570 for a quick way to pull up any given camera would be nice.


I wouldnt hold your breath for ONVIF support, i am still waiting 5 years for the promised support of 2 features in the PBX that were confirmed to be working before launch. If its not in the unit now, take it that it will never arrive. Ive lost way to much money based on what Grandstream say they will do then found they never do it, so have to make this right for the client costing me money (normally removing Grandstream and putting in another manufacture).


RTSP is done(up to 720P, but screen in GSC is 720 so no point to have more) , ONVIF if i see it then i belve.


Still no updates for GSC3570?