Updated firmware version


@SFX_Group: GSC3570 is not NVR but a video decoding and displaying device, although it can record video (stored in SD card) but this feature is not available yet and will be in later firmware. ONVIF is not applicable here, but industry solution is using RTSP to decoing the video. This feature will be implemented in later firmware either.
The customized UI/icons in the screen feature will also be in later firmware. We are collecting feedback from field to improve this new product.

Thank you very much for your testing, feedback and support.


So in short we sell it later ?
For now it is only good as doorstation ( that info my sales receive).
It is totally useless in any other scenario we could use, waiting 3 month for more test.


Nowhere did i imply this was an NVR, please explain in which response above i said or implied it should be…

Any network camera or device that can show the video stream of a network camera needs to be ONVIF compliant, this device is not ONVIF compliant, hence will not show any network camera on its display, however i am told it will be soon.

What we are told in technical and marketing are generally nothing like the real situation 3 months later !!!


Peaceful discussion no shouting and emotion. Thanks.


You appear to be arguing with the people who you need to sell your products, i am the one who sells this to clients, i am also the one who gives you the money, i am in the best position to tell you what is needed in your product to sell it.

This product MUST SUPPORT ALL CAMERAS, if it doesn’t then i cant sell it… There you happy, you won the argument and lost the battle, i cant sell them until it supports hardware my clients have…

Ergo, i find another product my clients will like, that clearly wont be grandstream, hows that won argument of yours feeling? working well for your bottom line?


For this kind of device, RTSP and Onvif should’ve been even more important than SIP.

I bought one for my home, and now it is laying there because it does almost nothing for now. We are also waiting on the SDK.

I think the biggest problem is not the features but how fast they are added… realllll slowwwww.


As a moderator, I am warning all who post here to be civil or be blocked, and this includes Grandstream employees. Thank you.


Well, buy a Grandstream IP Camera (not expensive) to help us so we can hire more developers to speed up the implement. Cheers! :grinning:


I have a beta one and ordered two more. However, I hope more are coming because I expected the dome to be PTZ…


@fmarcoux96: Thank you very much! Both are max. 2mp resolution so e-PTZ will not be good (due to lacking pixels), but real mechanical/optical PTZ will have to use different lens and related mini-motor, which cannot be current price tag, unless using low quality components which will usually broken in a year. It is a struggle. Thanks again and appreciate your support!


The best would be to have different models with different specs at different prices. The GSC36xx is 59$USD, which is really good when you need basic cameras.

Here’s what I would do:

  • GSC3610-15: current models and great! Just make it more stable for SIP video (my GXV has a hard time getting the feed every other time).
  • GSC3620-25: same cameras but with built-in audio instead of external.
  • GSC3650: same as GSC3610 but with built-in audio and ePTZ.

This would give a full range of models depending on required features for each cam spot in an office.


Data sheet made it clear that it was not PTZ.



I agree! Please help to send feedback to management, like what you mentioned.

For the stable SIP video, are you using default 2nd stream 1M bit rate? That may too much for GXV and saturated the MIPs and memory. Please reduce the IP Camera 2nd stream to 512Kbps bit rate with 640x480 resolution (still shows very good in GXV video phone), then it should work good. Not sure which GXV model you have, the old GXV cannot handle bitrate of 1MP, the latest model with more powerful chips may. In our lab or QA, the long time SIP (video) call is a routine testing item (although in real life nobody talking for days without stop).

Hope this helps. Again, thank you for support Grandstream!


I hadn’t check before ordering lol I tested the 3615 so I had no clue of the 3610 specs. But I still ordered it since I want to see how it looks.

I bought a GSC3570 for the same reasons.


I have the GXV3350, and my 2nd stream is set to 640x480, Baseline, 1024kbps, VBR 30fps.

It can receive HD video, doesn’t it? It is supposed to support 720p.

I didn’t test with my 3240 as it is wayyy too old to handle that for sure.


GSC36XX current firmware does not support 720p in 2nd stream, will adjust and allow it in next firmware release based on customer’s feedback.

But for GXV3350, please try H.264 main profile, if using 1024kbps, then using CBR with 15fps. Not need 30fps as you are not seeing sports via the camera. The VBR will save bandwidth but if the image has big change, the spike of encoding and related bandwidth used might screw up the MIPs of GXV3350. For video phone, especially traffic over WAN, usually I use 512Kbps to get stable video. 1024kbps will improve video quality a bit, but the en route of WAN (no garantee of internet) dropping packet will make the video even worse sometimes. (if it is in LAN it should be OK). Thanks!


I will try thanks! Like I said, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

By the way, where can I get the firmware for GSC36xx? The link in the other thread doesn’t work.


GSC36XX FW1.0.1.15 and GSC3570 FW1.0.3.3 are under QA testing and pending to release to BETA once passed the QA. Please keep tuned and it will be updated soon. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Any idea when the user guide for alarms/integrations will be released? The main user guide just explains the specs, not how to use them in real world example (like the GDS manual does).


Main profile is not usable if you want use few devices. GXV3370 can’t handle it for example.

Also can i switch to another camera when i receive call from doorphone ? For home it is normal to see if some other people do not hide near.