Updated firmware version


Sorry you are right.
It´s working with GDS.I just had a look after the option if it´s availible and did a quick test by
calling it with a videocall from GS wave on the smartphone.This did not give a previev even if the number
is whitelisted in the GDS.Therefore I thought it´s not implemented :wink:
It´s great that this works now!
The only thing that happens on my side is:
If the call is connected, the video isn´t shown anymore.Just black screen then.
Is the behaviour at your side like this, too?


Mine goes “blank” for a second, but then reappears, along with the ability to OPEN THE DOOR (and other options)


Excerpt from the last mail:
Can be wall-mounted or placed on a desktop

Is there a stand availible now for placing the device on dekop now?
This was the first thought of all beta testers i think and everyone tried to fit the wallmout bracket
in a way that could help the device to stand in a save way on desktop :rofl:

It would be nice if GS could do something with the hardware in this direction.


Maybe a video resolution thing I have to look at.
What are your settings there?
My current settings are:
H.264 Image Size: CIF
H.264 Profile TYpe: BP&MP&HP
Video Bit Rate: 512 Kbps
H264 Payload Type: 99


We might provide a desktop stand that will not be included in the box by default, but be sold separately. I don’t know any details yet.


We’ve started prototyping a 3D printed stand.


A DESKTOP stand would be a useful option…


Maybe I am missing something, however, I am not seeing any way (from the WEB GUI or DEVICE GUI) to disable the MISSED CALL indicator or MISSED CALL history…

I REALLY need a way to disable or mask this…


Common with Grandstream products, what it turns out is the Author went off and write another book… that will also not have an ending


I thought it had one, i too was looking, it has rubber feet but doesnt stand up, its listed as “desktop” and wall mounted.


You have to, the marketing says its desktop or wall mounted, so i assume your “might” was a typo for “will”

Excert from Welcome page of the manual (after the firmware section)
"This Intercom phone is the perfect choice for users looking for an integrated video
control and two-way voice communication solution for their wall-mount and desktop."


You can use glue to stick.
There is a 2 holes for “stand” i think (middle) as there is no explain for this other way. But no stand at all.


The more we’ve used this device, the less we find uses for this device. It seemed like a promising unit before it was released, but it’s basically a Grandstream speakerphone with a video display (but no camera). It would be much more useful it it ran Android/Linux and/or had a camera.


We have used it for voicemail notification (HUGE red flashy light on the back when the box has a voicemail), i agree thats the only use for it, but it is nice.

Also cant get any cameras to work, the phone works though…

Its a real shame they have not got MONITOR VOICEMAIL working "yet??? ticket been open over 5 years for this).

We do see a good use for this, if only for a hands free wall mount voicemail / intercom… does seem abit expensive but i have to say it visually looks nice and the mini “touch” button middle front works…

Cant find a way to change the background image though…


Camera must BE SIP, it is video call simply.
With GDS i can see video before answer (latest soft).

Anyway it is good and cheap for doorphone reception, anything else ? NO.
It is not control station for anything, lot of marketing crap now.


We actually are getting some interest for hospitality in this for some guest rooms (since no one really uses room phones anymore) and also areas that need a “phone” but really dont need a phone. The only issue is there needs to be some more programming options for screen configuration that dont currently exist. We are also getting some interest in K12 for locations where a phone is not really useful.


We had similar interest with small hotels/large B&B type places. Except as it stands now, the device can’t be locked down to limit functionality in any way, and the screen options are horrible. Can’t choose which elements to show/hide, can’t rearrange, and can’t change anything.


I agree!


likely have some use after 10-13 firmware revisions, as they are playing with there new toy, the UCM63xx now, which will not make the UCM6200 end of life (i have that in writing), abit like how the UCM61xx isnt end of life, but you cant migrate from a UCM61xx to a UCM63xx… I give it until November before the UCM62xx is EOL, considering the UCM63xx is supposed to be really similar priced as the UCM62xx


UPDATE, just in the webinar now with Grandstream, i asked when this will be ONVIF compliant to work with ONVIF cameras, they (Hieu who i believe is US Support manager) says 2-3 months, it was delayed by the pandemic