Updated firmware version


Is there an updated firmware version slated for release during the BETA testing? I was just wondering…


I’d also like to know about an update. They’d certainly get more out of us if we could critique an update and also put it through its paces.


Its kinda of like reading a novel, then the author not providing the last chapter…


We are working on bug fixes, but since our China team are all off due to the coronavirus, the release has been delayed already. 1 more test firmware for Beta would be great helpful, but this need the PM and sales team to make decision if we need run more time for BETA.


Thanks for the update, Shawn…


Hope everything is well and good and we get a new beta firmware. We dusted our unit off and plugged into a wifi only network and had a number of problems getting connected. Hoping a new version might fix that.


Just to verify, there’s still no updated firmware from the one that it shipped with? I’ve been checking every so often but wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it. I didn’t even see a section for it at firmware.grandstream.com


The device is still in beta so no section there for sure. And no, I haven’t seen any new firmwares yet.


I was just wondering if there is still progress going on for the GSC3570? We see many possibilities for the product (with some feature enhancements)


Yes, GSC3570 is still under progress


Thanks Shawn, for the update


What is latest firmware now ?
I have


That is also what is on our device


The latest firmware should be It should be posted to forum soon. Thanks!


You can download from here:

Please update via either HTTP or local computer uploading.

Thank you all for the testing.


FANTASTIC! The 3570 works GREAT with the GDS3710 now! The monitoring capabilities for other cameras looks improved also. I will connect some other cameras and devices and do more testing…


@alatarus: What difference do you see for monitoring “other” cameras? I upgraded to the firmware linked above and still can only attach “SIP” cameras, no RTSP (or ONVIF though we’ve been told not to expect that) yet.


Still no setting for Auto preview "yes with ringing"
Hope this will be availible if the beta turns to stable.
If a video call comes in from doorstation, normally the user first wants to see who´s out there before
talking to them.


No, you are correct. It appears that it is basically a SIP based connection


Mine is working with the GDS3710. It allows a preview and then the ability to OPEN THE DOOR (without answering), ANSWER the door, or REJECT the call…

After answering the call, you can still OPEN THE DOOR. It is working just the way I would expect…