All of the previous GXP phones use the UP ARROW key on the KEYPAD to show the network information. On the 2614 the UP ARROW moves the cursor on the LCD (even is the phone is in an idle condition) From what I am seeing it takes going into the MENU then STATUS and NETWORK to find the basic NETWORK information (ie: IP ADDRESS, etc.)

We utilize the simple NETWORK information when dealing with customers to allow easy access to this information, while not having the customers enter menu of other areas of the phone (for troubleshooting)

Maybe there is another way to find this, but I haven’t discovered it yet


Dear alatarus,

On GRP2614, we can press and hold the UP key for about 3 seconds. This will bring up the phone’s status information including network information. Hope this helps.

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hello @grandstream, is it possible to have the template of the GRP models?


Thank you. That is perfect!


Dear damiano70,

Please kindly find GRP2614/2612 config template in the link below:

May I ask what firmware version is on your GRP2614?

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hello @grandstream, unfortunately I was not lucky enough to be one of the 50 who can try a GRP, I’m practicing with the model on GDMS :frowning:

I’m looking at the GRP template, I see a lot of relevance with GXP21XX


however @grandstream ne apporfitto to tell you mine, the port 10/100 is absolutely not symptomatic of “future”, other vendors have the door giga now on all phones, you have to think about this thing in my opinion.


@grandstream, I thought that the GRPs were going to be used the new format for configuring phone instead of the old PCODE system. The file you shared is just PCODES. Can you clarify?



Not quite sure I am understanding the comment on “10/100”, I was looking at the specifications and show two (2) 10/100/1000 ports


If I have well seen the basic model still has 10/100 ports, and this is a big limitation


I understand… Most of our customers do want the 10/100/1000 ports also. However, we have ALOT of customers that demand a “lower priced” basic set. I would hate to see a much higher price and remove the lower priced basic phone from the portfolio.


The hw for a door to a Giga now costs as much as a 10/100, other vendors, such as Fanvil for several months have equipped the phones (even those basic / cheap) with door to giga.
So I would rule out an increase in the cost of terminals.