Unpair from Master Remotely?


We experienced some annoying problems while unlinking 26 APs from a master unit, and attempting to link them to a different master unit. About 18 of them succeeded, and the remaining APs remained in limbo, showing linked when navigating directly to the AP’s IP, but not being displayed in the previous master unit’s Access Point list, and with the “link” icon greyed-out on the AP Discovery window on the new master unit!

Killing the PoE power to the units did not resolve the issue, and ultimately we had to manually “pin-hole-reset” each of the units (on a scissor lift 30ft up) to get them to allow linking to the new master unit.

They were all on the latest firmware at the time &

Is there a way to force “unpairing” from the slave device? It would be nice to allow unpairing with a special URL string. Having to manually access these devices wasted half a day…


I do not found such option.
There is SSH access but no option there. GS could easy add option there.


I should have mentioned I had already checked that. I agree that would be an acceptable place for the functionality as well. There’s doesn’t seem to be much functionality at all via SSH at the moment, though.



Did you set failover master ?
Then you unplug main, wait and they should move to failover.
If fail you can run again main and check what is wrong with unit that not go failover.

My through only :slight_smile:


Thanks Marcin,
In my case, they were not configured with a failover, and nothing had actually failed.
We were just attempting to remove APs from one controller and add them to a different one.