Unpacking and first use without reading manual


WP800 first impressions

  • Belt clip was not in any sort of protective bag
  • Prefer a belt clip that ratchets so it doesn’t rotate freely
  • Belt clip should have a safety catch to prevent phone clip from sliding out unexpectedly
  • If we hadn’t read previous threads about hard to find battery, we might have thought that a battery was not included
  • It would have been AWESOME if a DP720 base unit could charge the WP800; after all, they are both just power, no network
  • An adjustable angle on the base charger would be nice
  • Build quality and the feel in the hand seems quite nice. Better than the DP series DECT phone handsets
  • Currently waiting for battery to fully charge, but screen is nice and bright and crisp during charging
  • After fully charging, we set up our intial wifi connection without a problem from front panel
    • Tech did this without reading manual first
  • They they went to status, got IP address, and connected to phone (and changed password) via web interface
    • Tech did this without reading manual first
  • First thing they checked is SSH - it comes enabled and there is no way to specify alternate port or use SSH keys
  • Second thing they did was create an account on UCM6202 and place a call with no problems
  • Time to move on to more substantial testing

Hardware feedback


Thanks for the feedbacks



Could you please elaborate on this? Are you referring to the entire clip sliding out of the belt or the phone sliding out of the clip?



Add a tab at the top that needs to be pushed out of the way to get the phone to slide out of the clip.



Thanks for the feedback.